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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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Need a unique gift for dad for Fathers Day? We’re here to help. The first thing you may want to do is define the characteristics of your father. When you’re in tune to their personality type and idiosyncrasies, you’re more apt to buy the right product for him. For example, everyone will tell you that the perfect gift for father’s day is a tie. But what if your dad rarely ever wears ties? Furthermore, we feel ties have been worn out. They’re much too predictable as a gift and we think more thought should go into the gift.

Father's Day Gifts and Ideas

So, what about your dad? What does he like? What is his personality like? Is he your typical sports fanatic? Does he like to be outside? Is he your average geek type. Does he read a lot?  Tuning into these questions first and foremost will help you land that perfect gift. For example, a geek-type-of-dad might enjoy some kind of accessory that works with his iPhone or mobile device. If he’s the outdoorsy type, maybe a cool hammock for the backyard. If he reads quite a bit, maybe you could get him a Kindle, if he doesn’t already have one, or a Kindle add-on accessory. Of course, if he likes sports, there is a plethora of sports related gifts and ideas on the market that would be suitable for him. Here are some ideas to help make it a little easier for you:

How about a cool grill apron? You can even get it personalized with “Dad” or his initials.


Gift Ideas for Fathers Day



Here’s another neat idea for Father’s Day. Give him a reward for “Best Dad Ever!”

personalized plaque for fathers day


This amazing tie tells everyone who the #1 dad is and, of course, it’s yours!

Any dad who loves to grill will enjoy this whimsical salt & pepper set this Father’s day!

Show your dad how cool you think he is with this personalized photo frame!

These I Love My Dad cufflinks will tell the world that your dad is appreciate, while adding some style to his formal wear.

Your dad will know you love every morning when he drinks from this incredible Dad of the Year coffee mug that can be personalized just for him.

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I bought a gift for my husband the week of his birthday...we recieved it
immediately - it's great!

-Debra G. from Boulder, CO.