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Awesome Christmas Tips

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There’s no bigger holiday around than Christmas. With our helpful tips, you will make this holiday season a memorable one.


  1. Get creative with Christmas gift wrapping. You can really spruce up your package by applying festive patterns to make gift giving more enjoyable while adding sentimental value. Consider using cut-outs from tissue paper, construction paper, doilies, etc. This is both fun and light on the pockets when considering the expenses of purchasing wrapping paper. To “wrap” it all up, personalize each package with a note for that special person!
  2. Fireproof your Christmas Tree. Mix 1 cup ammonium sulfate, 1 half cup of boric acid and 2 tablespoons or borax into one gallon of water. Spray down the tree with this solution and pour the remainder into the basin of the tree stand.
  3. Dodge the woes of Christmas shopping. Always avoid weekends. Although the marketing of sales are geared toward the weekends, promotional events generally extend throughout the weekdays. Don’t let the hype of a “weekend” sale deceive you into a frenzy of looking for a parking spot and waiting in exhausting checkout lines. Do your Christmas shopping early and you will reap the benefits of stumbling across bargains for quality items- remember quality over quantity!
  4. Spice up your party. Avoid the typical, bland holiday gathering by organizing your party around a theme, such as “Christmas Past” or “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Plan foods around your theme and encourage guests to dress the part.
  5. Get in the mix. Try online Christmas shopping. The benefits of shopping online often include faster service, immediate attention to “out-of-stock” merchandise, tax-free purchases, and free-shipping. Online Christmas shopping often opens up opportunities to receiving special promotion prices and products that aren’t readily available to “in-store” customers. How much more convenient than shopping in the comfort of your own home get?
  6. Send a Christmas letter. Tired of Christmas cards? Change it up by sending your friends and relatives a brief letter highlighting your year. Keep your letter light-hearted and entertaining. Those receiving the letter will appreciate a break from the Christmas card routine. This is also one of the few socially acceptable ways to boast about your own accomplishments.
  7. Consider LED Christmas lights. In recent years, LED Christmas lights have gained popularity for several reasons. The cost efficiency of LED lights has been proven to be much more beneficial than normal lights. The amount of energy used in LED Christmas lights is much less than that of traditional lights, which will save you money on your electricity bill. Though the initial cost of LED lights is slightly higher, the lifespan of LED lights compensate for the cost- you will no longer need to worry about spending money on replacing lights every year!
  8. Keep all receipts throughout the holiday season. Always save receipts for the conventional reason of returning items. Aside from that, there is nothing more important than keeping a budget of how much spending was done during a very costly and busy time of year. By reflecting on your purchases that range from expenses for Christmas parties, presents, cards, driving, decorations, etc., needless spending and ways to cut costs may be beneficial for the following holiday seasons.
  9. With the economy the way it is, if you buy any gift cards for christmas gifts make sure they are from a stable company that is going to be around when its time to use the cards. Because the stores more than likely will not issue refunds for gift cards if they have closed.
  10. Shop for Christmas gifts all year ’round! Keep a notebook with the names of the persons for whom you are buying and buy the gifts when they’re on special! Then write in the item purchased and when you bought it before you stash the gifts away. Not only do you save money all year, you can also jot down notes on what they like (and what they don’t). Best of all, you can keep track of for whom you’ve bought–and keep from accidentally buying gifts for the same person or persons twice!
  11. In the 1950′s, a major flour and cake-mix manufacturer used the ad slogan “Nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven.” Still true! For nearly 30 years, I have given my immediate family members (and through the years, many co-workers) homemade banana bread based on my mother’s recipe (which was also my grandmother and great-grandmother’s recipe!). It takes a little time, but it costs very little to make dozens of loaves of bread, and my family still appreciates the memory of their mother/grandmother’s banana bread. In fact, one family member once summed it up this way: “It just isn’t Christmas without Uncle Charlie’s banana bread.”
  12. Sooner or later it happens to all of us–we get a gift that we really don’t like or can’t use. Some of us “regift” the item–that is, pass it on as a gift for another occasion–but if you do, be careful about how you regift it. Avoid sending the gift on to a family member–or worse yet, to the family member who gave it to you in the first place! If you know of someone outside your immediate family who can use or would like the gift, send it on to him or her instead. Better yet, donate the unwanted gift to a charitable group or organization.
  13. Set a budget and make a list in advance so you don’t get off track and forget what your shopping for. This will help you to save money, instead of running to the store with your credit card and impulse shopping.
  14. Save your reciepts for at least 90 days after your purchase just in case you have a faulty/defective gift, missing a part, or a wrong size You can also get gift reciepts to give to the recipient as well.
  15. Don’t forget to remove the price tags/stickers off the items before you wrap the package.
  16. Take advantage of “AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES” to get supllies and gifts for next year. You can get some nice gifts and extra christmas supplies for up to 75% for 2-3 weeks after christmas.
  17. Shop online and avoid the Christmas traffic and lines. Most online retailers have discounts on shipping or other discounts to offset the shipping charges, and if the retailer doesn’t have a store in your state you can avoid paying sales tax as well.
  18. Shop in off-peak hours and avoid weekends. Most stores have extended hours for the Christmas holiday by opening earlier and closing later. Get up and go early in the morning or late at night. This will help avoid the long lines and busy isles.
  19. If you are visiting family for the holidays and have issues in your life (i.e. bankruptcy, illness, filing for divorce, etc.), unless it is absolutely unavoidable, this is NOT the time to bring any of these things up for discussion! Try to find a more suitable time that you can discuss these things in better surroundings where you have more time to think and concentrate. If you must bring these subjects up, find a time and place to do it where you have as much privacy as possible.
  20. Make sure you do your online Christmas shopping earlier than later! Like retail stores, online stores can run out of stock when it gets closer to Christmas.
  21. If you brought home a live Christmas tree make sure you remember to water it so it stays fresh and green while you have it in your home.
  22. Use caution when decorating your house with Christmas lights. If you are on a ladder and especially if you are on the roof, make sure you have someone spotting you in case you slip and fall, or even need an extra hand.
  23. It’s not all about the presents. The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of unconditional “love”.
  24. With the seemingly never-ending series of postage increases in recent years, you should take a serious second look at your Christmas card list. Granted, the Postal Service and the greeting-card companies may not like it, but if you’re sending cards to friends and relatives who haven’t responded in more than two years, you’re throwing away the cost of the card as well as the postage stamp itself. You may want to drop such people from your list. Check to see if they’re using e-mail or some other social media to send holiday greetings. If they are, follow suit and you’ll save money on both stamps and cards. If they don’t have access to e-mail or social media, double-check their addresses (particularly older friends and relatives) and update accordingly; I have had family members who have had to move into retirement homes or care centers between Christmases and found out they missed the card and the contact.

Great Tips for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is the day for you let your dad see how much he means to you. So, use some of the tips below to make the day even more special.


  1. You don’t need to plan a huge celebration to let your dad know just how much he means to you. Sometimes it means more just to spend the day with him doing a hobby that he loves – even if you don’t.
  2. Even dads like breakfast in bed. It does not have to be an elaborate meal – especially if you have kids underfoot. Just a hot cup of coffee, a bowel of his favorite cereal and some toast will work. Remember it is the thought that counts.
  3. You don’t have to break the bank to get dad a gift on father’s day – but if he really does not need a tie – then don’t get him one. Make sure you get him something that he will really love – such as tickets to a sporting event or a new power tool.
  4. A great gift idea, especially if you wait until the last minute, is to get your dad a gift card to one of his favorite stores or restaurants. Almost every store or restaurant has a gift card available and that way he can get something he really wants, instead of you having to guess. Most super centers, book stores and big grocery stores now sell gift cards to the more popular restaurants.
  5. If you give your mother flowers for Mother’s Day, don’t forget that maybe your father might like them, too! Your father might like the idea of a new plant or bush for the yard.
  6. Some dads may like the idea of the gift of a day off. Don’t bother him with petty things on Father’s Day. Let him sleep in for a change and let him watch what he wants on TV!
  7. Give your dad a homemade coupon book. In it you can put coupons that are redeemable for a home cooked meal, mowing/watering the lawn, cleaning the garage, or any other chores around the house that your dad might do on a regular basis.
  8. If your dad has a hobby of some kind – like playing golf, photography, etc. – you can arrange for him to take a day class to improve his skills!
  9. Maximize your resources and purchase a gift collectively among family members/friends to get Dad a gift that would otherwise be out of your price range. This gives you the chance to buy a laptop, a digital camera, a big screen TV, appliances, and more!
  10. Father’s Day may be a good time to help your dad get a few things done he’s been trying to avoid. You may want to volunteer to wash/detail/vacuum his car for him, or fill it up out of your own pocket. Your dad deserves to drive a car that looks good!
  11. Other great gift ideas for your Father are; a nice comfortable hammock, a new grill (men love to cook out!) or a new watch (something masculine).
  12. Every guy is different, but my idea of a great Father’s Day includes some good cooking, some unencumbered time to have my kids play with me, and maybe even a trip to the pool or a new gadget I’ve been wanting. The last two are optional.
  13. Need fathers day gift ideas? Think about what your father loves the most. Is he a couch potato? Give him an organizer for his remotes. Is he a sports fanatic? How about a jersey with his favorite team. Does he have a fancy car? Give him a full car car kit with wash, wax, detailing tools, etc. With a little creative thought, you should have no trouble coming up with fathers day gift ideas. Just think about what he likes. And don’t forget to spoil him. It’s his special day!
  14. Don’t forget to give him a card! Whether it be a card bought from the store or a handmade card from all the kids, it’ll make dad’s day.
  15. Treat your dad to a day at the ol’ ball park! It will be a fun day full of baseball, hot dogs, and more!
  16. Have the kids make a Father’s Day medal or award that has a special message like “Best Dad” or “We love you Dad!”
  17. Give your father a useful gift that he can use everyday instead of a tie or shirt. If your dad loves to cook, a food thermometer makes a wonderful gift that will also promote food safety.
  18. First, make sure Dad has nothing work related to do that day. Take care of his chores for him.
  19. Dads don’t like to rush. Plan a day the has plenty of down time. Plan an outing, but only if you can make it a no hassle trip.
  20. Buy your dad something personalized that he can keep for years to come. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should remind him of favorite hobby or activity.
  21. Don’t Buy your dad anything that involves work! Nothing to plant or build unless it is absolutely his passion.
  22. Stick around that day. Tell your friends you are busy. Hang out with your Dad, or at least be around (to cater to his every whim.)
  23. Dads not only like treats, but they actually need them in order to remain healthy. You know what he likes – make sure you have plenty of it on hand.
  24. It is a scientific fact that dads need a high degree of relaxation on Fathers Day. Plan a day the requires no effort on his part. If possible, your dad should not be moved more than a few inches in any direction.
  25. Dads are stress magnets. Something that massages or relaxes is a good idea.
  26. It is extremely important to keep your Dad well hydrating on Fathers Day. I suggest keeping a small bucket of whatever he likes to drink within his grasp at all times. And make sure it’s nice and cold.
  27. Don’t talk about money, car problems, or anything else that could distract Dad from the primary purpose of this day which is Relaxation! A recent European study showed that it can take the average Dad up to seven years to recover from just one bad Fathers Days.
  28. If Dad doesn’t like ‘em don’t invite ‘em over. That includes your new boyfriend with the Tattoos and Motorcycle.
  29. Take your Dad to lunch and make sure you pick up the tab.
  30. If I was your Dad, I would want you to wash and wax my car. In fact, I still want you to wash and wax my car.
  31. Do things for Dad that you know he hates to do himself. Weeding, changing the oil in the mower, painting the mail box?
  32. Once your dad has been properly fed and cared for, He will need to be placed in a comfortable position. Ideally, on a couch or in a hammock. He will need to be left completely undisturbed for at least one hour.
  33. Don’t forget a Father’s Day cake! Personalize it with his name. If he’s on a diet, you could do cupcakes instead.
  34. Buy your day an “experience” for Father’s Day. They have anything from driving a race car, learning to cook, deep sea fishing, a helicopter ride, brewing your own beer, and more!
  35. If your dad is a golfer, buy him a new set of golf clubs for Father’s Day! If you can’t afford a whole set, try replacing one or two of his most worn out clubs with new ones.
  36. Buy your dad an everyday gift for Father’s Day that he wouldn’t normally think to buy himself like a new wallet or pair of nice sunglasses.
  37. Don’t forget to wish the other dads that you know a happy Father’s Day!
  38. Buy your dad a season of his favorite old TV show series on DVD!
  39. Buy your dad a CD of his favorite band or download onto his iPod some songs from his favorite music style!
  40. If you can’t figure out what to get your dad for Father’s Day, just ask him! It’s better to get him something he wants rather than another tie.
  41. Get your dad a hip new technological gadget like a GPS, smart phone, or Blu-Ray Player!
  42. Sometimes waiting until the last minute isn’t always a bad thing as many stores will have Father’s Day sales the week before or the weekend of the holiday.
  43. Buy your dad a big bottle of his favorite cologne this Father’s Day!
  44. Buy your dad a personalized gift with his name on it for Father’s Day. It will be something he will appreciate forever and you will show how much you care by buying him a truly unique gift.

30 Awesome Mother’s Day Tips

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Mother’s Day is the time to show your mom how much you appreciate everything that she does for the family. So here are some great ideas on how to celebrate her.


  1. While store bought cards are great, there is nothing better then a homemade card filled with words from the heart. The sky is the limit as to what a homemade card can be made with or say, just let your imagination go wild. Your Mom will love it no matter what.
  2. Every mom loves spending quality time with her kids. Why not let that be your gift this year to her. Set aside the time for you and her to go to dinner, go to a movie, go shopping or to just hang out and talk. Those memories will last far longer then anything you could buy her.
  3.  Treat your mom to a mini makeover. Set up a time for her to get a new haircut and a new outfit.
  4.  A home cooked meal is always a great gift for mother’s day. You can start with fixing her breakfast in bed and end the day with her favorite foods for dinner. Just remember to also clean up the kitchen!
  5. Buy your mom everything that she will need to have a spa day at home. Buy a CD with relaxing music, bath salts and bubble bath, fluffy slippers and robe, new nail polish and other manicure/pedicure supplies. She’ll love the chance to lock herself in the bathroom and have a stress free day.
  6. Home made gifts are a great idea. You can put together a photo album for her. You can also put together a box of things she regularly uses such as pens, paper, lotion, and cosmetics. Search the internet for more homemade gift ideas for mom.
  7. If you want to spend a little money on a gift for mom, but want something that will last for a long time, you can purchase a flowering plant, instead of cut flowers, or bush to plant in the yard or in a container for her house. You can also purchase a bird or hummingbird feeder so that she can watch the birds outside. You can also purchase a subscription to her favorite magazine so that she will receive it for a year or two years.
  8. Give your mom a homemade coupon book. In it you can put coupons that are redeemable for a home cooked meal, cleaning the windows, doing her laundry, taking her out to dinner and so much more.
  9. If your mom has a hobby of some kind – like playing golf, photography, scrapbooking – you can arrange for her to take a day class to improve her skills!
  10. If you want to buy your mom a piece of jewelry, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy something new. You can go to an antiques dealer and find jewelry that is perfect for your mom, but does not necessarily cost as much as something new. Or perhaps you have an older piece of jewelry that you can have repurposed for your mom.
  11. If your mom works hard to be eco-friendly then you can take that into consideration when buying her a gift. You can buy her environmentally friendly cosmetics, or candles made from beeswax. Just do an internet search for earth friendly gifts for mom and you will find hundreds of ideas.
  12. Maximize your resources and purchase a gift collectively among family members/friends to get Mom a gift that would otherwise be out of your price range. This gives you the chance to buy a laptop, a digital camera, a big screen TV, appliances, and more!
  13. I think that a flower corsage to wear on Mother’s Day is a great way to make Mom feel special. Don’t forget one for your significant other as well, if you have kids!
  14. Supposedly, back in the day, men and boys wore a corsage on Mother’s Day – red if your mother was still living, and white if she was deceased. I like the idea of Mom getting to wear the flower better, though.
  15. Skip the “Mother’s Day Brunch” at your local chain restaurant. The place will be crammed to the max with people, the servers will be over-worked and harried, and because of the amount of people coming in and out and the “special” menu, the food probably won’t be that good. Take the time to cook something for your mother. Even if you’re not the next Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, your mother will appreciate the extra effort you’ve made.
  16. Have the younger kids get together and make a bouquet of paper flowers to give to their mom.
  17. Make your Mom a CD of her favorite tunes! She’ll love hearing all the songs that she loves.
  18. Help with the Housework the day before Mothers Day so Mom can really relax!
  19. Make sure you take the time to let Mom know how much you love her and the you really appreciate all the things she does for you!
  20. If weather permits – take Mom for a picnic in the park. Keep simple and have fun!
  21. Mom loves to see her family happy – No fighting that day or that weekend!
  22. Take lots of pictures and start a Mothers day scrap book that you can both add to each year.
  23. If you are taking mom out for Mother’s Day, don’t have her drive. Be her chauffeur for her special day.
  24. Write your mom a poem telling her how much you love her. She’ll enjoy the heartfelt, personal effort.
  25. Surprise your mom with a homemade sleeping mask the day before Mothers Day so she can peacefully sleep in on her special day.
  26. Give your mom a gift card to her favorite clothing store. She’ll love buying new outfits for herself on Mother’s Day.
  27. If this is your wife’s first Mother’s Day, make it the best. Let her relax while you take care of the baby.
  28. Check the local newspaper for any Mother’s Day events that may be going on around town.
  29. If your mom likes board games, pull out her favorite one and play together as a family.
  30. If your mother loves to cook, make her a recipe book so she can keep all her favorite ones in one place.
  31. Many moms (and grandmas) love those T-shirts with the names of their children or grandchildren on them. While some stores offer prepared kits with several paint tubes for your T-shirt, find an inexpensive but durable plain white or colored T-shirt at a local store, then purchase fabric paints at a craft store and have the kids write their names (or put their hand prints) on the shirt. Follow the instructions with the fabric paints and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece… hands down!

Online Shopping Tips

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Shopping online is fun. Here are a few tips to make it even that much more enjoyable… and safe!

Online Shopping Tips

  1. Look for the clearance section. We sometimes think that only offline stores have clearance sections but, while not always in plain view, many online stores have them too. Sometimes you can put “clearance” in the search box of the website and it will bring up the clearance section.
  2. Get on their mailing list! I know, I know… you don’t want to be on yet another mailing list. But, this is where the sales are! Stores want to be able to reward you for being on their list so they’ll offer periodic discount coupons and free shipping and the like.
  3. Utilize gift portals like BuyGifts.com. This way you can hit many stores at once and shop where there are thousands of gifts instead of just a hundred or so like at many of the small boutiques.
  4. Use the search box! I can’t stress this one enough. Most sites have a list categories where you can drill down but this can be time-consuming. If you use the search box, it will usually get you right to the exact thing you’re looking for in half the time.
  5. Search creatively. I’ve seen people put a phrase like “music tee”  in the search box of an online gift store and then leave when it didn’t bring up anything. This always puzzled me. Usually stores just forget to use all variations of keywords so if that shopper were to put in “music tshirt” instead, he would have likely found something.
  6. Don’t sweat the shipping costs. Remember, at so many web stores, you don’t have to pay sales tax so this can balance things out a bit and you’ll feel better about shopping online.
  7. Use your credit card when making an online purchase. It makes it a lot easier to get reimbursed if something were to go wrong because most credit card banks have a built-in reimbursement policy that helps protect you. (Check with your individual bank for more details.)
  8. Look for the “s” at the end of http. When you checkout and are getting ready to enter your credit card details, make sure you see “https” in the top url box (this is where you see the full domain name, like https://www.buygifts.com). The “s” means “secure” and assures your private credit card information will be encrypted in transit.
  9. If something “feels” funny, RUN! This is my favorite of our list of tips. You’ve heard people tell you to trust your gut feeling, right? Well, the same holds true with online shopping. If something just doesn’t feel right, you might be better off finding another store to shop at. Some of the warning signs are pop-up screens, lack of appropriate contact information, etc.
  10. Visit the FTC’s tips page. The FTC has a web page for online shopping tips that we recommend. This covers even more security issues that could make the difference between a pleasant online shopping experience or a virtual nightmare.


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50 Ways to Change The World

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  1. Be a nicer person.
  2. Do something for someone else with nothing to gain.
  3. Help somebody find a job.
  4. Smile more.
  5. Clean up graffiti on the streets.
  6. Plant flowers, bushes and trees.
  7. Say I love you more often.
  8. Live by example.
  9. Compliment others more often.
  10. Recycle.
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Pick up litter off the street.
  13. Write a letter to a soldier.
  14. Learn CPR.
  15. Mentor “at-risk” teens.
  16. Spend more time with your children.
  17. Be an honest person.
  18. Find the good in people.
  19. Vow to continually improve yourself.
  20. Adopt an abandoned pet.
  21. Say “Please” and Thank You” more often.
  22. Donate your old books to the library.
  23. Volunteer as a teacher’s assistant.
  24. Teach your children respect by respecting them.
  25. Speak out against the wrongs in the world.
  26. Love unconditionally.
  27. Volunteer to comfort ill patients in a hospital.
  28. Donate your unwanted things to the Salvation Army
  29. Buy natural cleaning products.
  30. Donate your organs.
  31. Buy fruits and vegetables from local farmers.
  32. Say “I love you” more often.
  33. Don’t gossip.
  34. Keep the promises you make.
  35. Be thankful for what you have.
  36. Use canvas carry bags for groceries instead of plastic.
  37. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  38. Speak to someone that you might not otherwise speak to.
  39. Help seniors shovel their snow.
  40. Let go of a grudge and simply forgive them.
  41. Bring a hot meal to a street person.
  42. Use steel water bottles instead of plastic ones.
  43. Spend more time listening than talking.
  44. Walk or ride your bike occasionally instead of driving.
  45. Bring your pet to a nursing home to visit the elderly.
  46. Buy more “green” products.
  47. Be the person you expect others to be.
  48. Make your own “Change the World” list and share it with others.
  49. Make “The Golden Rule” your life guide.
  50. Pay it forward.

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10 Tips for Landing that Job

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It goes without saying that Finding a Job in this economic downturn is challenging. A lot of people are unemployed right now so there are many applicants for every position that becomes available.  Even with your years of experience at several companies through the years, it may not be enough to compete with that fresh 24 year old college graduate that is making their mark on the world. But no fret, you’ve got the years in that maybe they don’t have and with a little thought and attention to some important details, you can be out in front and “noticed” by the hiring manager. I hope you find these 10 job interviewing tips helpful:


10 Tips for Landing that Job

1. Be among the first to apply! This shows you’re on your toes and aware. Remember the old addage, “The early bird gets the worm.”

2. Make sure your resume is polished. It should be written to be clear, concise and to the point but not omitting any important details.

3. Show up early for the interview. Not 2 minutes early but more like 15 minutes early. This first impression speaks volumes and puts one more concern at ease.

4. Dress up for the interviews. Even if it’s casual, wear something clean, slick and impressive. This shows that you are conscious of your appearance.

5. When filling out applications, be sure to use proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structure. Write neatly so everything is legible.

6. During the interviews, say “Yes sir”, “No mam”, “Please”, “Thank you”, etc. Employers notice these things and it shows you take the time to pay others their due respect.

7. Research the company you are applying for before the interview. They will be impressed that you are fully informed about their company.

8. Be sure to have all addresses, contact numbers, references, etc. ahead of time so you’ll be ready. Do not leave the application incomplete. This demonstrates that you are not prepared and sends negative signals.

9. Register with employment agencies. This way they can be looking at the same time you are. Don’t be embarrased. Do what you have to do to get employed.

10. Always follow-up after the interview with an e-mail or letter. Thank them for their time and reiterate why you are the qualified person for the job.


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10 Cool Diet Tips for Summer

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Some of the old diet tips and tricks of the past still work today but with our busy lives sometimes we just need to be reminded of some them. Here are some tried and tested dieting gems:

1. Use smaller plates and bowls when fixing your meals. This is a psychological trick that works! We feel compelled to eat until the plate or bowl is empty. If it’s half the size, we won’t eat as much.

2. Never skip meals or attempt to starve yourself. You’ll only end up binge-eating later which of course will cause you to put on even more weight.

3. Be sure to get regular exercise along with healthy eating. Even short bouts of exercise can lead to weight loss when combined with a good, consistent diet.

4. Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets. It’s too tempting to eat until you get your money’s worth.

5. Drink more water throughout the day. Many people overeat because they think they’re hungry when in some cases their body is simply in need of more water.

6. Eat smaller portions more often instead of eating 3 large meals a day.

7. Reduce the amount of sugar you put in your coffee. Cut back on the salad dressing for your salad. Use a tad less butter on your toast. These minor adjustments can go along way in helping you to lose a few pounds.

8. An old trick of dieters: Order the kid’s meal. It usually contains much smaller portions than the full-size adult plate.

9. Avoid popular diet medications. They are proven to be an unsafe way to lose extra pounds. Insist on a “quick fix” and you’re just asking for trouble.

10. Avoid eating 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Just this small bit of change in your routine can result in significant loss in weight.


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immediately - it's great!

-Debra G. from Boulder, CO.