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30 Awesome Mother’s Day Tips

Published by Buy Gifts - in Tips

Mother’s Day is the time to show your mom how much you appreciate everything that she does for the family. So here are some great ideas on how to celebrate her.


  1. While store bought cards are great, there is nothing better then a homemade card filled with words from the heart. The sky is the limit as to what a homemade card can be made with or say, just let your imagination go wild. Your Mom will love it no matter what.
  2. Every mom loves spending quality time with her kids. Why not let that be your gift this year to her. Set aside the time for you and her to go to dinner, go to a movie, go shopping or to just hang out and talk. Those memories will last far longer then anything you could buy her.
  3.  Treat your mom to a mini makeover. Set up a time for her to get a new haircut and a new outfit.
  4.  A home cooked meal is always a great gift for mother’s day. You can start with fixing her breakfast in bed and end the day with her favorite foods for dinner. Just remember to also clean up the kitchen!
  5. Buy your mom everything that she will need to have a spa day at home. Buy a CD with relaxing music, bath salts and bubble bath, fluffy slippers and robe, new nail polish and other manicure/pedicure supplies. She’ll love the chance to lock herself in the bathroom and have a stress free day.
  6. Home made gifts are a great idea. You can put together a photo album for her. You can also put together a box of things she regularly uses such as pens, paper, lotion, and cosmetics. Search the internet for more homemade gift ideas for mom.
  7. If you want to spend a little money on a gift for mom, but want something that will last for a long time, you can purchase a flowering plant, instead of cut flowers, or bush to plant in the yard or in a container for her house. You can also purchase a bird or hummingbird feeder so that she can watch the birds outside. You can also purchase a subscription to her favorite magazine so that she will receive it for a year or two years.
  8. Give your mom a homemade coupon book. In it you can put coupons that are redeemable for a home cooked meal, cleaning the windows, doing her laundry, taking her out to dinner and so much more.
  9. If your mom has a hobby of some kind – like playing golf, photography, scrapbooking – you can arrange for her to take a day class to improve her skills!
  10. If you want to buy your mom a piece of jewelry, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy something new. You can go to an antiques dealer and find jewelry that is perfect for your mom, but does not necessarily cost as much as something new. Or perhaps you have an older piece of jewelry that you can have repurposed for your mom.
  11. If your mom works hard to be eco-friendly then you can take that into consideration when buying her a gift. You can buy her environmentally friendly cosmetics, or candles made from beeswax. Just do an internet search for earth friendly gifts for mom and you will find hundreds of ideas.
  12. Maximize your resources and purchase a gift collectively among family members/friends to get Mom a gift that would otherwise be out of your price range. This gives you the chance to buy a laptop, a digital camera, a big screen TV, appliances, and more!
  13. I think that a flower corsage to wear on Mother’s Day is a great way to make Mom feel special. Don’t forget one for your significant other as well, if you have kids!
  14. Supposedly, back in the day, men and boys wore a corsage on Mother’s Day – red if your mother was still living, and white if she was deceased. I like the idea of Mom getting to wear the flower better, though.
  15. Skip the “Mother’s Day Brunch” at your local chain restaurant. The place will be crammed to the max with people, the servers will be over-worked and harried, and because of the amount of people coming in and out and the “special” menu, the food probably won’t be that good. Take the time to cook something for your mother. Even if you’re not the next Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, your mother will appreciate the extra effort you’ve made.
  16. Have the younger kids get together and make a bouquet of paper flowers to give to their mom.
  17. Make your Mom a CD of her favorite tunes! She’ll love hearing all the songs that she loves.
  18. Help with the Housework the day before Mothers Day so Mom can really relax!
  19. Make sure you take the time to let Mom know how much you love her and the you really appreciate all the things she does for you!
  20. If weather permits – take Mom for a picnic in the park. Keep simple and have fun!
  21. Mom loves to see her family happy – No fighting that day or that weekend!
  22. Take lots of pictures and start a Mothers day scrap book that you can both add to each year.
  23. If you are taking mom out for Mother’s Day, don’t have her drive. Be her chauffeur for her special day.
  24. Write your mom a poem telling her how much you love her. She’ll enjoy the heartfelt, personal effort.
  25. Surprise your mom with a homemade sleeping mask the day before Mothers Day so she can peacefully sleep in on her special day.
  26. Give your mom a gift card to her favorite clothing store. She’ll love buying new outfits for herself on Mother’s Day.
  27. If this is your wife’s first Mother’s Day, make it the best. Let her relax while you take care of the baby.
  28. Check the local newspaper for any Mother’s Day events that may be going on around town.
  29. If your mom likes board games, pull out her favorite one and play together as a family.
  30. If your mother loves to cook, make her a recipe book so she can keep all her favorite ones in one place.
  31. Many moms (and grandmas) love those T-shirts with the names of their children or grandchildren on them. While some stores offer prepared kits with several paint tubes for your T-shirt, find an inexpensive but durable plain white or colored T-shirt at a local store, then purchase fabric paints at a craft store and have the kids write their names (or put their hand prints) on the shirt. Follow the instructions with the fabric paints and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece… hands down!

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