Will You Support Small Businesses?

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Hi there! ... 

Do you like supporting small businesses in America? Well, now's your chance. Small gift shops have been severely injured by the Covid19 pandemic over the past year and some are barely hanging on. BuyGifts.com features not only our own products but those curated from smaller vendors. When you shop with us, you're actively taking part in making a difference. 

We understand. The mega-marketplaces are huge! They have millions of gift products and offer lots of perks. And yes, even many small vendors also have their products in those marketplaces. But they pay a hefty price to be in there. That's a blog in and of itself for another day.

Here's where you come in. Visit those smaller company's stores. Pay a little extra when you can. The few dollars difference might just be keeping a store open and that owner's family fed for the month. And we're not exaggerating! Tens of thousands of small gift shop owners in America perished by mega-marketplace domination. Tens of thousands more were snuffed out during the pandemic.  

But there are many left out there and while they'll rarely advertise their struggles, you can bet that they're real. You may even know someone that has experienced this. 

So, thank you! We know you'll see the big picture and offer a helping hand. We believe in you.