The Magic of Giving

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While it's always nice to receive a gift, it's especially nice when it's offered creatively. You've heard of parents wrapping a small gift putting it in a box, to then place it in another box, wrap that, place that in a box, and so on? It's so much fun watching kids open it on Christmas morning! - Well, you can do this with adults too! 

Enter magic snowmen (as we like to call them). Our tin snowmen create that same magical experience for the recipient. They are essentially 3 containers in one so each section can contain a special gift. This is your opportunity to provide an affordable Christmas gift with baked cookies, muffins, fudge, hot chocolate packets, or anything fun. And speaking of fun, the best part is watching them open this colorful gift

Our tin snowmen can also be used for other small gift ideas such as hobby accessories, socks, mittens, jewelry, crafts, and more! 

Buy gifts that make them smile. It's the magic of giving. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!